Gotta Have Dem Pink Lips.

I used to be very afraid of pink lips.  And by afraid I mean completely paranoid about my lips ever even having a pink tint.  I ALWAYS had concealer, nude lip liner, nude or light pink lipstick and a nude/light pink lip gloss with me.  My friends will still joke with me about times when they would ask for some lip gloss and I’d force them into putting on concealer first.  I get obsessed with things, and for awhile my thing was nude lips.

However, I am currently slightly obsessed with the bright pink lip.  It’d be lying if I said watching this season of the Bachelor didn’t have something to do with it.  It seems that all of the beautiful women on Chirs Soules’ season were on the pink lip train.  Two of my favorites, Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe were rarely seen on camera without their fabulous pink lips.  And even though I live in sunny Arizona and it doesn’t feel like winter, something about a bright pink lip in the middle of winter just helps to cheer things up a bit.

My favorite pink right now is Girl About Town by MAC.  It’s a perfect bright pink that’s great for a night out, but not too crazy for daytime either.   I dress up with it or wear it when I’m just having a casual day.  You really can’t go wrong.

So if you’re a little nervous about a pink lip, I say go for it.  You’re beautiful and a pink lip will just make you feel even more fabulous!



I sometimes wear the coolest outfits on my days off.

I sometimes wear the coolest outfits on my days off.

And sometimes I dress up with my pink lipstick.

And sometimes this girl goes out on the town with her Girl About Town pink lipstick.