That Braid Life.

As much as I cannot live without my long hair, sometimes it just gets in the way.  Once in a while I need a fun way to get it out of my face.  A really fun and relatively simple way is a braid faux hawk.  Or also known as a dutch braid that’s messed up just the right amount making you feel a tad like a bad ass with a faux hawk.




To achieve this look, you simply need to pin back your “bangs” or whatever hair you’ve got where your bangs would be if you had them.  Make a little poof so you’ve got some volume on top.  Then start your Dutch braid.  In case you’ve never done a Dutch braid before, it’s the same as a French braid, just inverted.  So instead of braiding the strands over top of each other, you braid them underneath instead. If you’re having trouble with this, try following these steps for a Dutch braid.

So once you’ve got your Dutch braid, just start tugging at the braid, loosening it up, making it a little messy to give it that edgy look.  When you’ve got it where you want it, use a couple of bobby pins and some hair spray to smooth out the sides.  You want it sleek back to the edges of the braid, and then a messy faux hawk braid down the back of your head.

Have fun and make it your own.  Imperfection is beautiful.