Go Nude.

Everyone needs a simple go to, everyday nude eye.  I happen to love a couple of my Tarte eyeshadow palettes for creating a perfectly light and quick nude eye for work, school, or just a casual day when you want something pretty but not over the top.  The eyeshadows I use here are my go to look for work.  My full face only takes about 10 minutes and when you get up at 5:30 am, you can’t be spending too much time on makeup, ha ha.

All three of these Tarte palettes have gorgeous natural shades that can be used so many ways.  Often, I just randomly dip into any of the colors and it always turns out beautiful.  They’re just filled with perfect natural colors for anyone on any day.


Palette numbered

For this easy and casual nude eye, I’ll choose from either #9, #20, or #31 for a base all over my eyelid. Next, I like to go over my lid with #15 or #20 (pinky promise).  These pinky/salmon colors add a beautiful natural color to your lid, and then I’ll blend in my crease with a taupe or light mauve color to give my eyes some dimension.   I like to use #3 and #7 or #19 and #27.  I love these palettes so much because I can honestly just choose any of these colors, completely at random, at it will always look great and natural.

Lastly, I’ll line my eyes with a pencil liner and ALWAYS go over my pencil liner with a shadow to hold it in place all day long. If you’ve ever wondered why your eye liner is smudging or halfway off by the end of the day, all you need to do is set your liner in place with an eye shadow of a similar color.  Easy as pie, your liner will last all day.   I’ve currently been using the Tarte liners that came with these palettes, and I love #17, #21, and #29 for securing the liner in place.

IMG_4630 - Version 2A nude eye is such a staple for me with my job and I know that a million variations of this natural eye will be showing up as this Arizona summer comes creeping in.

So highlight your natural beauty with a little nudity.