New Spring Things!

Ahhhh, how happy is everyone that Spring is finally here?!  I know a lot of people got snow on the first day of Spring, but at least it’s here and warm weather is coming!  Everyone’s also going to be talking about Spring cleaning.  I, however have a slight hoarding problem and can’t seem to get rid of anything.  There’s always some possible occasion in the future where you just might need that thing you’re about to throw away.

Even though I should be doing some Spring cleaning, I just can’t.  So I’m going to talk about the new things I’ve gotten this season instead!

Since moving to Arizona, I’ve been struggling with being able to see while driving.  The sun is crazy bright so I decided it was time to invest in a pair of prescription sunnies.  I found this site, Frames Direct that carries all sorts of nice sunglasses at reasonable prices, especially for being prescription.  It only took about two weeks for them to get here too, and I LOVE them!  I decided to treat myself to a pair of the original Ray Ban Wayfarers, and I’m thrilled I did, because I can finally see in the sunshine out here!




I recently also picked up the MAC lip liner in Oak.  It’s a gorgeous nude/tan color that I like to use either all over my lips, or with my MAC lipstick in Creme d’Nude.  You can never have enough nude liners. Or nude lipsticks. Or nude glosses, ha ha!



Happy Spring cleaning to everyone! Or happy get new things for Spring if you’re a hoarder like me! : )