Gerard Cosmetics Deal and Review!

I’ve been hearing about the Gerard Cosmetics products for such a long time.  You especially hear all about the Brow Bar to Go from so many YouTubers.  The beautiful Carli Bybel posted a link and code for the Brow Bar to Go, a lipstick, and a lip gloss for only $29 so this was finally my excuse to check these products out! There is also another code for the brow bar to go and a lipgloss for only $20.  Aaaaand it’s free shipping through March. What more could a girl obsessed with cosmetics ask for?!  I actually just ordered the bundle again with different options. I couldn’t help myself!

Check out Carli Bybel and these deals on The Beauty Bybel!


There are two color options for the Brow Bar: Blonde to Brunette and Medium to Ebony.  I went with the Medium to Ebony, which is beautiful and definitely works for me, but I also just ordered the bundle with the Blonde to Brunette because I know my hair is going to get lighter and lighter as the summer comes.

The Brow Bar is amazing for multiple reasons.  First, because it comes with two shades.  The lighter color can be used for the inner part of your brow and the darker color toward the tail of the brow.  Second, these browns are wonderful for contouring or for eyeshadow.  I used the light color to get into my crease and the dark color to line my eyes.  And if that’s not enough, it also comes with a wax to keep those brows in place (and my coarse and often crazy ones need it!).  How convenient to have it all in one product!

Now on to the lips.  The lip gloss I chose was Raspberry Sherbet.  It’s the most beautiful bright pink color and it’s so pigmented that it’s more like applying a lipstick.  And it stays on! I first tested it out on my hand and had the hardest time getting it off.  Today I had it on all day while shopping and it still looks like I’ve just applied it.  I was even drinking this delicious coconut drink and I couldn’t believe it wasn’t even getting all over the mouth of the bottle.  Something else that is super neat about these glosses is the light on the wand.  I was so surprised when I opened it, there was a light shining at me as I applied. How fun!

And finally I chose the color Rodeo Drive for my lipstick.  It’s actually pretty similar to my natural lip shade, but just gives them a nice rosy pink pop.


Taming these brows with the Brow Bar to Go.



Pretty Raspberry Sherbet lip gloss.



Rodeo Drive on my lips.

If you’ve been contemplating trying these products, I say go for it! They are really as great as everyone says.  They’ll make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!