C’mon Clear Skin.

So I’ve mentioned a couple times before how I’ve had issues with my skin.  Growing up, I could never relate to the embarrassment of having acne.  My skin never caused me trouble with breakouts.  My issues were always dry skin and eczema.  So I never in a million years thought that in my mid 20s, my skin would be worse than ever with acne. Ugh.  I do want to say how thankful I am for my amazing boyfriend though for continuing every day to make me feel beautiful no matter how terrible I might feel.

It began mildly about two and a half years ago when I decided to stop taking birth control pills.  However over the past year it had continued to get worse, and over the past 6 months since I’ve moved across the country, and changed jobs twice, it has really gotten out of control.  I’ve tried what feels like every single face wash and topical treatment.  I’ve tried various natural methods.  My diet is pretty good so I didn’t get too into adjusting that very much, but nothing seemed to work, and anyone who doesn’t have clear skin can totally relate to the embarrassment and stress that it causes.  And then the stress causes worse acne.  What a vicious cycle.

So in my endeavors to clear my skin,  I found this place in Scottsdale to try.  Here I found the most lovely Medical Aesthetician, Jennifer who I went to for the first time last week.  She had amazing reviews and I was about out of options so I figured I’d check it out.   As I’ve been trying to deal with this, I’ve definitely realized all of the factors in my life that contribute to it, so I’ve been trying to really work at eliminating some of the stressors and bad habits in my life.  And it was so crazy talking to her how I didn’t even realize exactly how much was going on in my life that was causing me stress.  For instance, I complain all the time about how I can’t sleep well, but had just beens so focused on other things that I totally looked past how lack of sleep affects your cortisol levels which in turn could really be contributing to some of my issues.  Jennifer also has a background in weight management and nutrition, and a very holistic approach to it all so she was wonderful to talk with about all of the various foods and food additives that probably contribute to the inflammation also.

So anyway, during my visit with her I became even more aware of the factors in my life that could be causing me trouble.  Since my visit, I’ve been trying.  And I say trying to adjust some habits and routines in my life.  In addition to the lifestyle changes, Jennifer did perform multiple treatments on my face and I have another appointment this week.  I am really really hoping that she can finally help me and I will be free of this problem.

I looked pretty crazy when I left there last week after my first visit, but I have been dealing with it and finally feeling like I have some hope that it could be better soon.  I do love makeup, but I also love to spend many days without it in the summertime.  It’s crazy how something so stupid can make you so self conscious.  So anyway, this is where I’ve been.  Hiding out trying to allow my skin breathe instead of loading it up with makeup and concealer to hide what’s going on.  I’m really hoping this does the trick and I’ll be super excited to share a before and after.  And if anyone else feels like they’ve just exhausted all efforts, maybe I’ll have just one more option for you to try!