A Life Update.

I’ve been so crazy busy, just dying to get back at blogging, but I have barely had a moment to breathe this entire month! Between my family visiting which was amazing, and working way too much, I just haven’t had any time to blog and it was starting to make me crazy.  I’ve especially been getting more and more excited to give an update on my skin revelation soon! But today, I just wanted to share some photos from some beautiful places we visited while my family was here.  I really had no idea how the terrain varied in Arizona.  I always thought desert and that’s it.  I wasn’t even close!

Since I’ve moved here, I’ve been hearing all about the little town of Jerome and how it’s such a cool place to visit.  Well let me tell you, they were right! My sister and I were just obsessed with how adorable it was.  You get there by a crazy little road with nowhere near enough guard rails that winds up through the hills to the cutest little town with the most amazing view out over Arizona.  We ate at what was supposed to be a haunted hotel restaurant.  I was hoping for something to happen, but unfortunately nothing other than an overall creepy feeling and atmosphere.  But it’s a super cool place because it’s perched way at the very top of Jerome overlooking the town and the beautiful landscape.

Little Jerome nestled in the hills.

Little Jerome nestled in the hills.

A little interesting history.

A little interesting history.


It was so crazy to us that this is the everyday view of people here!



My adorable sister as we’re trying to capture how gorgeous the view was from this winery.

After Jerome, we headed to Sedona to see the Red Rocks and do a little shopping.  While in a little shop, my dad found this place on a post card called Slide Rock National Park about 7 miles outside of Sedona.  I could not get over how beautiful that place was! I couldn’t even believe I was in Arizona anymore.  I’ve never been to Montana and I might be completely wrong, but the whole time I was just like, “I feel like I’m in Montana!” haha. But anyway, here you can walk back to a creek where people picnic and swim, and there is this area of rocks that people can kind of sit in and it’s a slide.  You just flow over these rocks with the current.  It was super cool to watch this one little boy braving the cold water to do it.  I’ll try it next time when it’s warmer, haha.




Next we headed to spend the night in Flagstaff so we could wake up early and go to the Grand Canyon! This was my third time and it’s just so amazing every time I see it. Next time, I need to get a little more adventurous though and hike down to the bottom.



I live right down the road from a little park called Papago Park where there is this super cool rock you can climb up into to get a great view of Phoenix or watch a sunset.  It’s just really relaxing to sit up there and look out over the city and the mountains.



Little Rina up in the cave at Papago.



I just love this photo of my parents and how I was able to capture the moon in the photo too!


And some random photos we took while just hanging out and exploring that remind me of how much I miss my family and the fun I have when they’re around!




It was so fun having my family here all week! I am beyond thankful that they were able to come and visit me and I cannot wait to see them again!


But hopefully in about a week, I will share some before and after photos of how much my skin has improved.  I don’t want to jinx myself but every day I can see it getting better and I’m just amazed and beyond thrilled about it after feeling just about hopeless in my efforts to clear my skin.  It’s crazy what a difference it can make in the way I feel overall.

Hopefully I will be able to make more time for blogging now.  I missed it so much and I forgot how it allows me to just relax and not think about work or the other stressors in my life for a moment.