My Perfect Bun.


My entire life, I always had issues wearing my hair up in a bun on my head.  I have always had thick, long hair and it just didn’t work.  I can occasionally throw it up in a messy knot on my head but this is a fleeting look and is soon tugging on my scalp and falling out.  It bobs around, loosens up and needs to be fixed way more than I’m willing to do.  I can at times twist it up in a little swirled bun but those often end up slipping out from the center of the bun and need to be redone.  Unless I would spend a bunch of time pinning it (which I won’t), it just doesn’t work for me.  However, I have found the best solution for me and for anyone else who just wants something else to try!

Especially in the summer when I’m at the pool or beach, I like to have a way to pull my hair up so that it’s not on my skin at all. Something that’s quick and easy and will literally last ALL day for me!  Here’s what I do and it honestly works so well. Check out this high speed video hahaha!

I start by putting my hair up in a pony tail, at whatever level I want the bun.  I like it on the top most times.

Next, I split the pony tail in half.  I take one half, and start twisting the hair and then start wrapping it around my pony tail (keeping the other half of the hair above and not caught inside of this cinnamon bun I’m creating.  When it’s wrapped all of the way around and I’m out of hair, I just secure it.  It usually only takes me two bobby pins.



Now I’ll do the same thing with the other half.  Twist it and then wrap it around, but in the opposite direction of the first half.  When it is all of the way around, I secure it with another two bobby pins or so and that’s it!  I honestly will only ever use maybe 4-5 pins total and somehow it always holds.  And it will seriously last all day!  I’m always completely amazed at how secure it will be.  I’m just so used to my hair always being so heavy and falling out.  This works so perfectly for me to really keep my hair off of my face and keep me cool while I’m at the pool!