Bits About Me!

I’ve been talking for what feels like forever now about how I want to start a blog about makeup, beauty, health and just everything I love! For some reason, it’s taken me a long time to get started, but here I finally go!

My name is Christina. I’m 25 years old and work as a Registered Nurse.  Although I love nursing, my true passion is makeup, hair, health, and all things beauty! I was always interested in these things, but it wasn’t until college that my fabulous friend and roomie, Taylor, introduced me to my very first makeup vlogger, Kandee Johnson.

I felt like this was what I needed to be doing!

Nothing makes me happier than making people feel beautiful and teaching my friends how to make themselves feel just a tiny bit more beautiful too! So years later, after much pushing and prodding from my boo, I am FINALLY  sitting down to start my beauty blog to hopefully inspire and motivate someone out there, just like Kandee did for me, to do what they love and what makes them truly happy!