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Teach Your Eye Liner Who’s Boss.

A long time ago I learned a wonderful tip on making my eye liner stay put.  And by stay put I mean it might have still looked great the next morning after I… Continue reading

Be Your Own Sunshine.

Spring is just around the corner!  Everyone is coming alive again after the never-ending cold and dreary winter.  The birds are chirping, the sun is peeking out, so I thought I’d do a… Continue reading

Go Nude.

Everyone needs a simple go to, everyday nude eye.  I happen to love a couple of my Tarte eyeshadow palettes for creating a perfectly light and quick nude eye for work, school, or… Continue reading

Time to Lighten Up.

It’s only March, but in Arizona things are starting to heat up.  Today it was sunny and in the 80s and it is going to continue to be in the mid 80s as… Continue reading

Gotta Have Dem Pink Lips.

I used to be very afraid of pink lips.  And by afraid I mean completely paranoid about my lips ever even having a pink tint.  I ALWAYS had concealer, nude lip liner, nude… Continue reading

Working with what you’ve got. Organizing when you live in what’s equivalent to a large closet.

When I moved to Arizona, I had zero say in where I was going to be living.  My boyfriend, Zach, and his roommate had already secured the apartment that would soon be my… Continue reading